Episode 114 Renegade Rage/Sandra Hanses

This week Hammer talks with Sandra Hanses of Renegade Rage. This is a local OCR from Pasco WA that happens about the second weekend in July annually. Next race July 11 2020. Hammer and Sandra discuss everything from what got her into OCR, running a farm, owning her own OCR, interactions with Tough Mudder/Toughest Mudder/Worlds. They talk about Taylor Overmiller last years Renegade champion and other fun things she does on the farm when not hosting OCR.

Episode 112 Omak Warrior Stampede

This week Pretty Mike talks with Clare Painter of the Omak Warrior Stampede. She talks about the Omak Warrior Stampede on September 14th 2019 and her background. We start with her beginnings in OCR and how she went from Omak Warrior Stampede to champion of American Grit season 1 and back again. This is her second year as Director of the race where she began her OCR journey and where her vision is going in the future.

Episode 111 Justin and Lorenzo talk about the Utah Spartan, Spartan Workout Tour, PDX Beasts, Brute Force Mile, and Beast Gear in Hammer’s first episode.

Hammer gets his first interview with Justin Wylie and Lorenzo Contreras discussing many things. They discuss the Spartan Workout tour inside 24 hours fitness in PDX, the PDX Beasts, Utah Spartan, Brute Force Mile and Beast Gear orders, things that changed, and gear you can order all year round.

Episode 109 Welcome To BeastNet “Show Updates”

On this episode the BeastNet we go over the changes that you may or may not have noticed on the last couple episodes and the direction the show is going. We introduce the new Podcast Manager “that” Don and the new host who will be sharing duties with Pretty Mike, “Hammer” Kyle. We go over the plan for the show and please take the time to listen to the full episode as it ends with our first product review. We have product to give away in conjunction with the review.