Beasts Clear BG FEAR Platoon

First Annual Rucksgiving

Saturday, November 28th 2015

On November 28that 9AM, FEAR Platoon (a community of Veterans and civilians who are dedicated to bringing awareness to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as well as providing support to Veterans living with PTSD through physical activity) and Beasts OCR will come together to take part in their 1st Annual Rucksgiving in downtown Portland, Oregon.

What is Rucksgiving? Rucking is hiking with a weighted backpack for long distances, often used for training in the military. For Rucksgiving, a group will load up with food and hygiene supplies and march through downtown Portland, traveling to a local homeless shelter to hand out the supplies.

Please join us at: Chapman Square at 9:00AM to experience brotherhood, togetherness, and the satisfaction of benefiting those in need.  We will meet up at Chapman Square on SW 4th and Madison and ruck approximately 3 miles through SW and NW Portland, arriving at Portland Rescue Mission to deliver our donations. More details to come, including donation list, route map, etc.

Please contact Brandy at for more information. Food and toiletry donations are appreciated!

PORTLAND #Rucksgiving 2015

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