12620532_944226018992881_866561955_o (1)I am so excited to announce the Beasts OCR: 2016 Workout Tour. See our Facebook page & our public Facebook events to sign up bellow.


The Beasts OCR: 2016 Workout tour will be throughout the Pacific Northwest, making pit stops in WA, OR, ID and BC Canada.

The tour starts February 13th 2016 and goes until January 7th 2017, and will be visiting select cities in our charter states. Workouts are completely free, and will last approximately two hours regardless of weather conditions. We encourage you to bring your friends, family and anyone that is ready for a fun challenge. There will be individual and team based events within the workout.

All attendees will be required to have a printed and signed injury waiver and social media release form which will be available under the Files tab in the Beasts closed group, public page or at the event. Please remember to bring these to save time. We will have some on hand copies, however not following instructions comes at a cost.  You will not be able to participate without them. Follow this link to access the waiver: Beasts PARTICIPANT WAIVER

Please come dressed appropriately for a dirty, sweaty environment. We ask that all member Beasts wear their Beasts shirts, jerseys or sweatshirts, and if not, then solid green or black shirts.

Beasts OCR will provide a five gallon cambro of water for public use. Please bring your own liquid or food provisions, these will not be provided. Note that the Beast Trainers will be making use of speakers, megaphones and other related equipment or items pertaining to the workout.

All workouts will require one or more special items that will directly relate to the overarching theme and be used in the workout. Do not forget these; you will want to ensure you have them. The team will want you to have them. Any special instructions for these items will be released one week before the workout. See the Facebook event pages for more.

Lastly, please arrive early for parking, checkin, etc. We will begin promptly at the designated start time. For any questions or concerns, please contact Adam Birgenheier or Elise Howlett of the Beasts OCR.

Saturday, Feb 13th – Renton, WA
Sunday March 6th – Tacoma, WA
Saturday April 2nd – Olympia, WA
Saturday May 14th – Portland, OR
Sunday June 12th – MountVernon, WA – Hosted by @ObstacleElite
Saturday July 2nd – Kent, WA
Saturday August 20th – Vancouver BC, Canada
Saturday September 10th – Spokane, WA
Saturday October 8th – Boise, ID
Saturday November 5th– Des Moines, WA
Saturday December 3rd – Helena, MT
Saturday January 7th 2017 – Renton, WA



Beasts OCR: 2016 Workout Tour

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