Episode 146 Brianne Showman

Today Hammer talks with Brianne Showman about being a physical trainer at Get Your Fix Physical Therapy, being an OCR trainer, and her podcast the Highly Functional podcast.  Listen and subscribe here: https://hardwodderone.com/category/highly-functional/  Brianne also has a Facebook group Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Athlete Health And Performance that you should join for tips and trick on better training.  Kyle and Brianne talk allot about strengthening and injuries that are OCR specific and her mission to help her clients overcome them.  This is a great episode going in depth on things you can do to better prepare for the course.

Episode 145 Douglas Arant

Today Hammer talks with Doug Arant from the Beasts OCR group. He recently traveled to Greece for the Spartan Trifecta weekend. They talk about the course, the food, and Greece. They go into depth about walking 15k steps everyday without the additional steps the course added to it and the craziness that was traffic in Athens. Doug talks about how Sparta embraced the entire event and how the parade of nations felt.

Episode 144 Lindsay Smith

Today Hammer talks with Lindsay Smith.  They talk about many things including her background in teaching, what got her into OCR, her first Spartan and the madness that ensued after she caught the race bug. She is a trainer at a Tough Mudder Bootcamp in Tough Mudder Bootcamp Sawyer Heights.   She is returning to racing after a hiatus to have her son.   Lindsay recently completed the Bone Frog Trident after this was recorded. This is a fun episode, make sure you listen to the end.

2 Years Later– Retrospective –where we have been and where we are going. Special Episode about the BeastNet.

On this special edition of BeastNet Pretty Mike, Hammer, and Brother Boggs all get on the line and discuss the show.   Stories about Spartan, Tough Mudder, Run A Muck with Pennies for Quarters, and more.  This is a fun episode that dives into the beginnings of BeastNet through that one time when Mike almost hung up the microphone. A Special thanks to Adam, Tatianna, and Ashley for our intros over the years and to everyone who has been with us through the first two years.  Here's to many more!

EP 140 Rob Barger

This time Pretty Mike talks with Rob Barger of RedPath Performance Group.  They talk about Redpath's beginnings, what got Rob into racing, working at Spartan, completing Death Race while being Joe De Sena's assistant and more.  Mike and Rob also get into discussion about Go Ruck and competitive shooting.  This episode touches on so many things, you'll have to tune in to hear about it all!