Episode 156 Mario Guiza, Beasts OCR Ambassador

Today Brother Boggs talks with recently selected Beasts OCR Ambassador Mario Guiza.  They discuss what got Mario into OCR, training at the Idahome Movement Academy with Albert Lu and Ted Kelley, and what Mario hopes to achieve as a Beasts OCR Ambassador.  Mario recaps his 2019 and they discuss their 2020 schedule that includes Spartan Boise, Portland, Seattle, Chino and Tough Mudder Seattle.… Read the rest

Episode 155 Faye Morgan

Today Hammer gets a chance to talk with Spartan Pro Team member Faye Morgan.  They talk about everything from growing up in Seattle/Snohomish Wa, her time in the Marine Corps, and on through to life as a Spartan Pro Team member residing in California.  Faye and Hammer talk about her past and how when she’s on course she’s running with her sisters that passed on at a young age.… Read the rest

Episode 153 RACE LOCAL with Brian Cays

Today on BeastNet Brother Boggs talks with Brian Cays about the 2020 pro and ambassador teams.  Which include Pro Team: Tracy Elenzano Murillo,  Michael Lee,  Melisa Joyal,  Tasha Overmiller,  Taylor Overmiller and the Ambassador team of Audra Coggin, Mario Guiza, and Jonathan Butler.  Sorry Jonathan Boggs skipped over you on the list while talking with Brian.  … Read the rest

Episode 152 And now for something different, BeastNet International Episode 0

Today on BeastNet Charity and Ryan Fick host a round-table conversation with Pretty Mike, Hammer, and Brother Boggs about a new monthly special show.  

BeastNet International airing on the 15th of the month starting in January.

They discuss everything that lead up to the decision to bring in more hosts and add additional shows.  You’ll hear allot about Tough Mudder, a story about Coach Mud, Spartan CA, Vancity OCR/Ninja Momentum Ninja, and Grit Farm Fitness.… Read the rest

150th Episode The Sesquicentennial BeastMaster

Today Pretty Mike catches up with the OG, the guy who started it all, The Beast Master Andrew Hooper. They talk about all things, starting with how the Beasts OCR began all the way through Drew stepping away to let the group grow into the Non Profit it is today. Recently Drew has moved into motivational speaking and returned to the mud of OCR racing. Make sure and listen to the whole episode as there's a fanboy story about Adam B and discussion about that time Drew and Mike met on the toughest course Mike's been on to date.