150th Episode The Sesquicentennial BeastMaster

Today Pretty Mike catches up with the OG, the guy who started it all, The Beast Master Andrew Hooper.

They talk about all things, starting with how the Beasts OCR began all the way through Drew stepping away to let the group grow into the Non Profit it is today. Recently Drew has moved into motivational speaking and returned to the mud of OCR racing. Make sure and listen to the whole episode as there’s a fanboy story about Adam B and discussion about that time Drew and Mike met on the toughest course Mike’s been on to date.

December Beast Report

This month we learn all about what makes Lorenzo Contreras tick, his joy  of the sport, and his gratitude for the Beast OCR team and racing  community. We will also discuss some workouts to help build your  strength for those heavy OCR carries. Last, check out the nutrition  section for tips to enjoy the holiday meals without overindulging or  feeling deprived.