Today Brother Boggs talks with recently selected Beasts OCR Ambassador Mario Guiza.  They discuss what got Mario into OCR, training at the Idahome Movement Academy with Albert Lu and Ted Kelley, and what Mario hopes to achieve as a Beasts OCR Ambassador.  Mario recaps his 2019 and they discuss their 2020 schedule that includes Spartan Boise, Portland, Seattle, Chino and Tough Mudder Seattle.  Ghost, BeastBreaker and Summit to Swamp are brought up as local races Mario is planning to do.  Mario and Boggs also discuss Beasts Challenges and Boggs Challenged him to get more Idaho Beasts out to participate in both Race Local and Beasts for a Cause.  

Boggs and Mario have a laugh about TM here is the link to the video they talk about

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Episode 156 Mario Guiza, Beasts OCR Ambassador

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