On this episode of BeastNet Brother Boggs Talks with Victor Carillo of Machete Labs and Machete Madness.  This is another episode focused on #raceLOCAL and #runLOCAL where we talk with Race directors from smaller independent races.  You can join the Supporting Local Races 2020 here.

Victor and Boggs talk about what got Victor into racing, where his passion for training and coaching others comes from, and what keeps him committed to getting people off the couch. Machete has events in February and April planned so far.  You can find info on their site https://www.machetemadness.com/ Follow Victor on Instagram @Machetemadness Boggs and Victor take the conversation all over the place and end up talking about Echelon Front leaders Jocko Willink and Leif Babin and their books Extreme Ownership and Dichotomy of Leadership.  

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Episode 160 Victor Carillo, Machete Labs, and Machete Madness

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