Today Pretty Mike talks with “tiny but MIGHTY” Kate West.  They talk about what got her into OCR, starting with soccer and moving on to running.  She talks about how she passes the time with “dad” jokes and having fun trailing and lifting.  This episode they spend a lot of time talking about #raceLOCAL in the Midwest and how these smaller family run OCRs are what got her hooked into the sport before she hit the Spartan circuit.  They also touch on running AG and her transitioning into elite in 2020.  With her being 4’11.25″ many of the obstacles are huge by comparison but she tackles them and hopes to inspire more people to give it a shot.  

This episode again ties in to  #raceLOCAL and #runLOCAL where we talk about running smaller independent races.  Even though Kate is in the Midwest you can join her in this virtual challenge.  You can join here:

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Episode 167 Kate West

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