Today  Pretty Mike talks with Hazelanna from Summit To Swamp.   One of the 2020 Sagitta Series partners and host facility to some of Beasts Endurance events.  They talk about what got her into hosting OCR, they discuss #raceLOCAL and other local events like Pennies for Quarters Run a Muck.  This year Summit to Swamp has expanded to a multi day event with all sorts of different lengths, terrains, and some “clean” trail runs too.  This year, if you haven’t already needs to be the year you get down to Randle WA and check out this event that is in partnership with Visit East Lewis County.   The events discussed on today’s episode are all a part of the Beasts OCR  #raceLocal  #runLocal Volunteering at these events doubles down as part of the Beasts for a  cause event that you can join here:

Summit to Swamp

Beasts OCR Events:
Ghost March 28th
BeastBreaker November 14th
Gungnir TBA

Sagitta Partners:
Swanson Grit
3 Elements
Epic Series OCR
Beasts OCR


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Episode 168 Hazelanna preview Summit to Swamp Weekend and the Sagitta Series

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