Here is your Third weekly BeastDays Challenge! Every Wednesday at 4am PST a new virtual BeastWOD drops!

Step 1: Weekly Movement

A 5K completed however you want. ie, running, hiking, rucking, etc OR 25 minutes of locomotive movement. ie High Knees, running in place, treadmill work, etc. Have fun and do complete this distance or time however you want! For a bonus challenge, complete the 1 set of the below Workout half way during your movement!

Step 2: Special WOD by Tammy Kovaluk of Rise Challenge Events!

For this week, after you complete your weekly movement, tackle the Sandbag Medusa!

The Workout: “Sandbags Medusa”

This 12min circuit style set will build real world strength and endurance, race day stamina, and aerobic/anaerobic capacity. Also, aside from the challenge, you could do this workout as one set midway during a run, and a 2nd set after your run as a great race prep training session. This forces your body to recruit additional muscle fibers, and tap into new-found strength and resilience…..building muscular strength/endurance and overall stamina to keep you conquering throughout the race.

How To:
1 set = 8 exercises.
Perform each exercise for 1min as an AMRAP (as many reps as possible within the minute), taking breaks as needed to maintain form and catch your breath! Take 15 seconds rest between exercises.

Beginners: 1 set (12min set).
Intermediate and Advanced: After 1 set, take 2min rest then do a 2nd set (26min total).
Recommended Weight:
30lbs girls / 45lb guys. You can go heavier to really challenge your strength. (Beginners: 20lb girls and 35lbs guys)

The Exercises:
1. Sandbag Burpee Pull Throughs
Tips: Maintain a solid plank position.
Beginners: do the pushup on your knees
2. Sandbag Flutter Kicks
With sandbag in up position of a press
3. Sandbag Rows
Keep back flat
4. Sandbag Burpee – Ground to Overhead
Beginners, can do the pushup part on your knees
5. Sandbag Shouldering
Like all deadlift movements, core engaged/back flat
6. Sandbag Squats
7. Sandbag 20y Shuttles
Run with your sandbag ~20y, drop it, pick it up, and run back ~20y. Keep doing this for 60 seconds, record how many shuttles you do.
8. Run no Sandbag OR Jump Rope
Record your distance if possible. You can also do 20y run shuttles if there is limited space.

Check out the Instructional Demo Video here:

Scale or modify as needed, and have fun! Get this week’s challenge done and share with #BeastDays #BeastsOCR #UnleashYourBeast. We might just ask to feature you and or get you some of our sweet new stickers. Oh yeah!

BeastDays #3 Coach:

Tammy Kovaluk of Rise Challenge Events !!
“I am the founder/owner, and RD of Rise Challenge Events obstacle course series. Each event is themed and supports a veteran based nonprofit. Obstacle racing and training is my passion! It was great to meet some of you Beasts at the first annual Rise Tactical Challenge. Thank you so much for making the trip to our event in Bend, I could immediately tell this is one group of people with a true passion and awesomeness!! I love what Beasts OCR stands for and am excited to be part of this amazing group.

I am also a sports trainer and strength coach based in Bend, OR. And expert contributor for Stack media. What is going on has actually freed up some time to resume writing articles, especially on military based training and unconventional training methodologies. Certifications include certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), speed and agility, and corrective exercise specialist with a MS in Kinesiology & Sports Conditioning. I have helped numerous athletes attain scholarships, successfully complete Special Forces Selection, get their first win, or attain their best (such as conquering an obstacle race after post injury or sedentary) they had not thought possible. I was not an athlete growing up but after a traumatic childhood, was somehow drawn to physical training and was hooked! It has changed my life, and am passionate and dedicated to helping others do the same.

I was a competitive amateur boxer, cross country runner, triathlete (competing in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, 2009), and previous elite Spartan Obstacle Course Racer from 2013-2017 (with several podiums as a master’s elite). I then moved onto the SUCK in 2019 (finished 1st overall) and the 36hr Ultimate SUCK (placing 3rd overall). These types of challenges opened a whole new world! I love the smaller venues, grass roots feel, and passionate and caring people. Those events that really take you out of your comfort zone, inspire learning new skills (like splitting wood) with a military based and unconventional training style. I am a firm believer in this type of training…not only because it has helped me to be in the best shape of my life at 45 years of age, but for mental toughness, fortitude, and strength! It is about the accepting the failures and embracing the victories, adapting and overcoming…. most of all, continually striving to be the best version of yourself. Much greater than fitness.

I look forward to future collaboration with Beasts OCR and building community!”

See more on Tammy and Rise Challenege Events here:

Interested in helping create these and or being a host/coach? Fill out the application here:

Weekly BeastDays Challenges Week 3
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