Here is your Sixth weekly BeastDays Challenge! Every Wednesday a new virtual BeastWOD drops!

Step 1: Weekly Movement

A 5K completed however you want. ie, running, hiking, rucking, etc OR 25 minutes of locomotive movement. ie High Knees, running in place, treadmill work, etc. Have fun and do complete this distance or time however you want!

Step 2: Special WOD from Jeremy and Team out of Portland!

For this week, after you complete your weekly movement, we’ve got a fun session with great scales and modifications.

3 Rounds of Six Exercises (3 for harder sets) in descending reps of 21,15 and then 9 reps
-Plank Pull Throughs
-Jumping Jacks
-Squats with Weight
-Russian Twists
-Weighted Rhythmics

Do all six of the above exercises three times in 21,15 then 9 reps. If you are doing harder variants, do only the three harder versions.

Easier Versions for the above six:
-Knee pushups
-Less weight for pull throughs
-Single Leg Jacks
-Use less weight for weighted squats or no weight
-Feet on the ground for Russian Twists
-Use less weight for Weighted Rhythmics

Harder Versions:
-Pushup pull throughs
-Weight Squat Jacks (Power Jacks)
-Weighted Russian Rhythmics

See their awesome video how to for more!

Scale or modify as needed, and have fun! Get this week’s challenge done and share with #BeastDays #BeastsOCR #UnleashYourBeast. We might just ask to feature you and or get you some of our sweet new stickers. Oh yeah!

BeastDays #6 Coach: Jeremy Kaufmann @spartanrucker

‘Jeremy was born in 1994, the 5th of 7 children, 6 boys. He was a soccer player until he graduated college and made OCR his sport of choice. He has a competitive drive, but a leaders heart, and pushes those around him to rise up!’

Lorenzo Contreras -> @L0renz0_ocr
Brian Laakso -> @h2o_laakso
Chrish Newell -> @chrish_newell
Fontaine Kaufmann -> @spar_taine
? by; Ben Darrow @ben_darrow

Thank you so much Team!!!!!!

Interested in helping create these and or being a host/coach? Fill out the application here:

Weekly BeastDays Challenges Week 6
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