Here is your Eighth weekly BeastDays Challenge! Every Wednesday a new virtual BeastWOD drops!

This week, Steps 1: Weekly Movement and Steps 2: Special WOD are compiled into one fun by the legendary Cookie! Here is the tough and fun challenge he has gifted us:

Partner After Midnight Workout.
The workout must be done from 00.01am onwards.
Must be completed before dawn. You must complete this with a partner.

Things you will need to complete this:

  • 1x + Partner
  • 30/20lbs weight per person – sandbag or ruck is recommended
  • 3x + Pieces of fruit of your choice
  • 1x Standard brick per person
  • 1x Phone/device to play a song
  • 1x + Writing pad and paper

Task 1:

  • Carry your 30lbs weight(20lbs for ladies).
  • Find something the size of a bus stop shelter.
  • Run around it 50 times.

Task 2:

  • Carry your 30lbs weight (20lbs for ladies).
  • Have you and a partner throw/catch over the bus shelter sized thing three different pieces of fruit 30 times.
  • 15 catches per partner.
  • Drop the fruit, you start over.
  • Do these catches while circling your something the size of a bus stop shelter..

Task 3:

  • Find a secluded alley, trail, somewhere where you are allowed to go and not spread your nasty germs, you filthy devils, to anyone.
  • Carry your 30lbs weight (20lbs for ladies) on your front.
  • Push a standard brick forwards with the sole of your shoe while in a crab walk position for the entire duration of this song without stopping: “Kingdom” by Devin Townsend.

Task 4:

  • No weight.
  • Do Jumping Jacks facing your partner.
  • First person to count in and name a country, city or town.
  • The second partner to name a country, city or town with the last letter of the country, city or town called out. No repeats – e.g., cannot do “America, America, America” on a loop. All unique places.
  • Partners must keep doing Jumping Jacks until 50 places have been named. Do not stop, even if drawing a blank. Just keep going.
  • Partner may not help. Think harder. Tough, huh? Read a book!
  • (Get a other person to count and adjudicate.)

Task 5:

  • Filming selfie style, one partner carries the other counting out loud (with their partner) to 100.
  • Take turns counting, Partner 1, then partner 2 and so on to 100.
  • For added fun, do this carry with the added challenge of using a minimum of three different languages:
    • Numbers must be separated by language before returning to the 1st language.
    • E.g.: English, Italian, Danish, English, Italian, Danish, English, Italian, Danish, English, Italian, Danish.
    • NOT: English, English, English, Italian, English, English, Danish.

Task 6:

  • Take turns with your partner. Place your weight (don’t be a prick about it) 30ft-ish from your push up position.
  • Do one push up, run to the weight and throw it over your shoulder, then run back.
  • You must shout the name of a food you like while doing the push up and then another different one when doing the sandbag movement.
  • When running to and from the bag and the push up position, you need to audibly do the Pac-Man “wacca wacca wacca” noise.
  • Do 30 push-ups and 30 bag throws.
  • You may not repeat any items of food.
  • If you repeat a food, you must start over.
  • Partner to adjudicate – by writing down the food they are calling out.

End of WOD

Man, that is intense, hilarious and fun sounding! Thanks Cookie! Most importantly folks, be safe and have FUN with this! Scale or modify as needed.

Get this week’s challenge done and share with #BeastDays #BeastsOCR #UnleashYourBeast. We might just ask to feature you and or get you some of our sweet new stickers. Oh yeah!

BeastDays #8 Coach: Steffen Cookie @666cookie666

‘Used to run Spartan Endurance. Now makes soap and bath bombs. Grower of beards. Punk rocker. Can lick his own elbow.’

Cookie owns and operates The Soapy Paw Shop and have been a great partner and supporter of Beasts OCR for some time, check out his awesome stuff here:

Thank you so much Cookie!!!!!!

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Weekly BeastDays Challenges Week 8
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