Here is your tenth weekly BeastDays Challenge! Every Wednesday a new virtual BeastWOD drops! Have fun with these weekly challenges!

Down and Dirty’

Step 1:

The Locomotive movement is up to participants to decide, either walking/running/hiking/rucking/treadmill, etc for 5 kilometers or 25 minutes of running/stepping/high stepping or knees, etc in place. After your 25 minutes of movement you are ready for this down and dirty fun.

Step 2:

Please read twice. It is very important for your success.You will need about 15 feet of space. Preferably outside. I mean it does say dirty! If you need a mat or something to put on the ground please feel free to do
so. Otherwise true OCR style in the dirt, in the mud, in the grass or any other dirty location. Biggest benefit of this fun – You will be on the ground for practically the entire workout. So it’s only one step harder than sleeping right! No resting here though.

Read carefully, read twice, it says never stop. Keep going. You will prevail. Complete ALL exercises without break if possible. Keep moving the entire set. Break in between sets. Complete ALL movements 2 x. If you really want to push yourself and challenge yourself do two sets with no rest.

1 minute each exercise

The goal is not to go fast on an individual exercise, the goal is to do all exercises one minute each without stopping. So remember pace yourself. You want to be able to go and move the entire one minute for exercise and for the entire 15-minute set. Speed is not the goal; endurance is.

1. Rolling push ups
2. Swimming
3. Bird Dog
– Roll over –
4. Flutter kicks
5. Glute Bridges (single leg or double scale for your ability)
– Roll over –
6. Superman punches
7. Mountain climbers
8. Down dog to up dog – full range of motion movement.
– Roll over –
9. Single leg up Tricep dips (can do double leg as well again scale for your ability)
10. V sits with legs tucked. Feet off ground.
11. Dead bugs
12. Right Side – plank hip drop
13. Left Side – plank hip drop

Should be really warm by now
14. Crawl forward dragging body. When moved 10-15 feet push up into Bear Crawl to return to start. Drop down and drag crawl forward. Repeat for time.


Get water (or not).
Rest until you are ready to do second set. Remember no stopping once the set has begun. Immediately after your animal movements, complete 10x 50ft heavy carries, weight of your choice.

Great work! Most importantly folks, be safe and have FUN with this! Scale or modify as needed. Here are some video tutorials:

Arm Crawl into Reverse Bear Crawl
Flutter Kick Bridges 
Rolling push ups, swimming bird dogs
Superman punch into downward dog
Dip dead bug side plank

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BeastDays #10 Coach: Jeannie 

‘Jeannie is a part of the Beasts Ambassador team and is constantly rallying people to get together and train for anything. She is our rockstar!’

Thank you so much Jeannie!

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