Your 11th BeastDays Weekly Challenge is brought to us by Mark Petersen! He brings us a unique challenge that will be fun to tackle! Every Wednesday a new virtual BeastWOD drops! Have fun with these weekly challenges!

This week, Step 1: Weekly Movement

For your weekly movement, complete the equivalent of a 5K or 30 minutes total of movement however you would like – running, rucking, walking, hiking, rowing etc

Steps 2: Special WOD

300x Alternating Stand Ups

Bonus Challenge: 300x Alternating Stand Ups daily for a week

Breakdown: While sitting, stand up and push off your dominant side. Sit back, and repeat using your non-dominant side. Repeat!
Modified: This can be physically modified by sitting on a chair or low object instead of the ground. Modified rep count is 150x

Get this week’s challenge done and share with #BeastDays #BeastsOCR #UnleashYourBeast. We might just ask to feature you and or get you some of our sweet new stickers. Oh yeah!

BeastDays #11 Coach: Mark Petersen @athikerman

‘Mark is an avid outdoorsman, guide and survivalist. You can find him in a slot canyon or a mountain peak ’

Thank you so much Mark!!

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Weekly BeastDays Challenge Week 11
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