Issue 38
January 2021

By Kim Collings


This issue of the Beast Report is dedicated to the entire Beasts OCR team. Here’s to the start of a new year, new goals, and new and old friendships. What I love most about this team is we consider each other to be family. We are there for each other on and off the course. We help each other and our communities. We are strong in body, soul, and heart! Thank you to each and every one of you for inspiring us with your personal strengths and unique personalities. Whether you are a long time veteran or have just joined the team…..every one here holds a very special place in the Beast Family. Enjoy the stories, memories, and excerpts that follow, and lets go out there and make 2021 the best year ever!!!


Submitted by Kim Collings:

Dena Lamb!!!!

She is the sweetest gal and has an absolute heart of gold! She makes everyone smile smile smile. Her one dark (but not very hidden) secret is her kryptonite………PEANUT BUTTER!!! Enjoy this post she submitted on Facebook, back in March of 2019, about her ongoing battle. I think she deserves a superhero cape!

“And today…THIS was my undoing.
Never have I ever, not been able to get a lid off of a peanut butter jar.


So I cut it open.
And then I cried.

True story.
Hope YOUR day was much…smoother.”

No photo description available.


Mallory Byrd and Crew…

These guys!!! LOL! The Portland Crew’s got it going on! This was part of the “Cosmo All Women’s Race Series.” Lookin good y’all!! This was back in August 2017 from Mallory Byrd’s Facebook post:

“We are the talk of the town at the race today ?— attending Cosmo 1/2 & 7K Run/Walk with Patrick Olson, Zane TreeWalker, and Lorenzo Contreras at Vancouver Landing Amphitheater.”

Image may contain: 4 people, including Lorenzo Contreras, Patrick Olson and Mallory Byrd, people smiling


Ted Kielley II-e:

Ted is known for his steadfast friendship, crazy sense of humor, and…..of course…..his buddy, GROOT, crashing the party!!!!!

I AM GROOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nic and Kim Thompson:

It was the wedding of the year in 2018! The bride, the groom, and the entire wedding party raced the course at Washougal, followed by their beautiful wedding vows!!!!!



Quotes from member’s FaceBook pages:

Adam Birgenheier: “Do hard things, for the sake of doing hard things”

Janell Endo: “To know where we truly belong, we must go on epic adventures”

Mike James: “I am me”

Nancy Trejo(Miller): “In case you have not noticed, I <3 MY DOGS”

Kim Collings: “Your life is an adventure story. You have the power to write & rewrite it. Make your story legendary!”

Donna Murphy: “Turning obstacles into opportunities ODAT”

Jenna Ravenscraft: “Excellence is not given, it’s an attitude! “

James Tingco: “Live a Little”

Steve Selting: “I will never leave a fallen comrade”

Becky Thomas: “Light the World One by One”




Here’s to a new year full of friends, health, hard work, and realized goals!

The Beast Report: January 2021

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