Daniel Olson II

Returning to fold. Daniel had a challenging 2016 after an injury early in the season, but is an awesome athlete who represents the team well with his passion for the sport and great attitude. Danny is super energetic and is passionate about training. When he is not at the gym training for OCR, you will find him shredding local snowcapped mountains or getting his gills wet kiteboarding the Oregon coast.

Please give a shout out to our returning BEASTS ELITE team member #Daniel Olsen!!!


Brian Cays

 A former U.S. Marine and Combat Veteran who is and outdoors enthusiast and a thrill seeker. He was born and raised in the Great Northwest and loves Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, Bungee Jumping, and even has gone Sky Diving. In 2011 he completed his first Obstacle Course Race and had a self-realization…He was not the athlete he once was. He was 80 pounds heavier and much slower and was weak. Since then, he found that while the gym made him stronger it was the nutrition that was key to his success.

We salute and welcome you to BEASTS ELITE, #BRIAN CAYS!!!


Ted Kielley

Suffered a devastating industrial accident in 2001 and as a result found himself living a sedentary lifestyle and weighing 280 pounds. On New Year’s Day 2011 he found Crossfit which lead him to his first Obstacle Course Race. To this day, he refers to that race as “the best time I ever had, wishing I was dead.” In 2016 this man completed 19 Spartan Races completing 6 Trifectas, 1 BattleFrog race, 2 Hurricane Heats, and qualified for both the 2016 and 2017 OCR World Championships.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our “Masters” BEASTS ELITE, #TED KIELLEY!!!




Kristena Lynn (Special K)

returning to us for her second season on the team. In 2016 this woman overcame tremendous adversity while trying to achieve the Perfect DELTA (Completion of a Sprint, Super, Beast, Ultra Beast, Hurricane Heat, Hurricane Hear 12 Hour, Agoge, Spartan X, and Spartan SGX). Special K has enough fight in her for the whole Beasts OCR team. She just doesn’t give up. She has an incredible spirit about her and an amazing attitude. Nothing shows this more than her reflection on not completing the DELTA, “The Perfect DELTA doesn’t reflect who I am as a person or what I do…it just shows that I can overcome adversity.” We could not be more proud of this lady and we am excited to watch her tackle the Perfect DELTA again in 2017. 

Welcome back #SPECIAL K for her 2nd season with the BEASTS ELITE!!!


Sara Knight

She has placed 1st at Warrior Dash, 2nd at World’s Toughest Mudder, 1st at Terrain Race, 1st at Spartan Beast, 2nd at Spartan Sprint, 2nd at Spartan Super, and 6th at Spartan World Championships. She has been on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, CMT’s Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge, and CBS’s World’s Toughest Mudder. She is a mother of 3, owns a permanent obstacle course, and works 3 jobs.

Returning to the inner circle of BEASTS ELITE, #SARA KNIGHT!!!



Kim Collings

Ran her first Obstacle Course Race (OCR) at the age of 48 and NEVER thought she would find herself loving the sport. She loves OCR and has a passion for the outdoors. In 2016 she achieved a Double Trifecta, completed two 4hour Hurricane Heats, Battlefrog Xtreme (3 Laps), and much more.

It is with pleasure that we introduce our “Masters” BEASTS ELITE, #KIM COLLINGS!!!!!