Who we are:

  • The Beasts Obstacle Course Racers is an organized obstacle course race community. We have racers of all levels – from elite, prize winning athletes to weekend warriors getting in touch with their inner child in a mud pit.
  • We are focused on the North West – both for our membership and event coverage.
  • We are not a business, and earn no profit. We are not affiliated with any specific race series.

PacWest Spartan Sprint

What are we doing:

  • Providing a social hub for obstacle course racing enthusiasts, athletes and newbies.
  • Our geographic area of focus is OR, WA, ID, MT, and BC Can
  • Providing an online source for race information, race reviews, signup information and more.
  • Negotiating and working with race directors for team benefits, race reviews, course reviews and more.


 What can we do for you:

  • For the person new to obstacle course racing: We can provide you with a team of folks of all levels who will encourage, support and assist you through your early days as an obstacle course racer, both on and off the mud. We can tell you which races are worth spending money on, and maybe even save you some cash.
  • For the obstacle course veteran: We can provide a team to sign up and hang out with – entry into our team heat when applicable – high quality team gear to wear, maybe even some discount codes on race entry.
  • For the race director: We can provide course and event reviews and consultation (both pre and post-race). Promotion and distribution of discount codes. Blog time in front of a community of runners and racers.

Huge Thank You to the New England Spahtans and Paul Jones for their Support of the OCR Community and Letting us Use Content from Their Member Resources.

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