2 Years Later– Retrospective –where we have been and where we are going. Special Episode about the BeastNet.

On this special edition of BeastNet Pretty Mike, Hammer, and Brother Boggs all get on the line and discuss the show.  

Stories about Spartan, Tough Mudder, Run A Muck with Pennies for Quarters, and more.  This is a fun episode that dives into the beginnings of BeastNet through that one time when Mike almost hung up the microphone. A Special thanks to Adam, Tatianna, and Ashley for our intros over the years and to everyone who has been with us through the first two years.  Here’s to many more!

EP 140 Rob Barger

This time Pretty Mike talks with Rob Barger of RedPath Performance Group.  They talk about Redpath’s beginnings, what got Rob into racing, working at Spartan, completing Death Race while being Joe De Sena’s assistant and more.  Mike and Rob also get into discussion about Go Ruck and competitive shooting.  This episode touches on so many things, you’ll have to tune in to hear about it all!

EP 138 Bonnie Wilson

Today Pretty Mike talks with Bonnie Wilson from Mud Run Guide. They talk about what got her into OCR and what got her started into Social media at Mud Run Guide. Bonnie and Mike talk about her other endeavors which include Seattle Marathon ambassador and her love for the OCR Community. Bonnie also tells a great story on why you need to get out and do a Rugged Maniac.

#137 Miles Keller

Today Pretty Mike talks with Miles Keller.  Miles is an OCR fanatic who also Co-hosts a podcast “Link Endurance” with Coach “Mo” Brossette and is an SGX (Spartan Group Exercise) Coach.  They talk all aspects of OCR.  Touching base on Savage Race, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder (and it’s return to Dallas for the Toughest) and more.  Lot’s of fun discussion with Miles “The Motivator” Keller in this episode.  Be sure to listen to the end.