What is Beasts OCR Foundation?

The Beasts OCR Foundation is still in the process of being officially created as a 501(c)3, however once non-profit status is given it will be focused on kids of drug and alcohol abuse families as well as children with disabilities. We want to get kids outside, exercising, and running Obstacle Courses.  We want to help kids to get fit through kids group workouts.  We want to help kids participate in races by providing them with the race and even some Beasts Buddies to help them through it.

Tacoma Mud Run

Why Beasts OCR Foundation?

The purpose of Beasts OCR Foundation is to get kids outside and exercising and get them participating in kids races. When kids complete obstacle courses they not only have a great time, they leave with confidence that they didn’t have before.  The races put them up against physical challenges that are fun but can also be intimidating.  Completing these courses creates a huge sense of accomplishment and confidence. It will also help give the more elite athletes on the team a way to get gear, races, and more recognition in the sport.Seattle Spartan Race

How Will the Beasts OCR Foundation Do It?

Beasts OCR Foundation hopes that you can see the benefit in getting these kids out and exercising.  We hope that you can see the smiles on kids faces as they complete a race.  We hope that you can see the confidence that comes by completing physical obstacle that will then help these kids overcome the emotional obstacles in their lives.  Beasts OCR Foundation will only succeed through donations of race entries, donations of time as a Beasts Buddie or Beasts Buddie Trainer, and donation of funds to help provide race gear for the kids that participate in our programs.Seattle Spartan Super

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