If you are racing in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, you will want to select or create a team as “Beasts OCR“.

If you are racing in Nevada or Utah, please sign up with the team name of “Warrior State of Mind

Racing in Colorado? Please select “Colorado Obstacle Racers“.

For Montana, please select “406Spartans

For Texas, please select “Lone Star Spartans

Racing in Atlanta? Please join up with “Georgia Mud Runners and Obstacle Racers“.

Anybody running an X Warrior challenge, feel free to start a Beasts OCR team.

Racing in British Columbia in Canada, please select and join GRIT FARM OCR. (Grit OCR is a different team)

Racing in Hawaii, please select and join “Hawaii Spartan Ohana

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If a Beasts OCR team is not listed in a race you are running and you are in the Pacific Northwest, please feel free to create a team with the name of “Beasts OCR“, with two words.

If you are able to set a password, please leave it blank so anyone can join the team. Beasts OCR is an inclusive group. We are open to any and all racers.

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