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Community Etiquette

The points are stated very simply. Don’t over think them.

  1. Be nice. You are allowed to disagree with someone in a debate – but name calling and causing offense has no place.
  2. Be on topic. We are a North West based community. 99% of our active community sits in WA, OR, ID, MT, and BC Canada.
  3. BE ON TOPIC. We are an obstacle course racing community. We run a lot too. We do lots of physical activities and training, but our focus is always on obstacle course racing.
  4. Spam is not permitted. Spam is when you post a blatantly commercial post for a company you have an investment in, or if your first post is a sponsorship request.

We have grown rapidly. As a result, the majority of our community members are new, so:

  • If you have just joined, welcome. Introduce yourself before you ask for sponsorship or advertise your race. You have a lot of resources available, and things can be overwhelming at first – We hope you feel welcomed and grow with us.
  • If you’ve been here a while, grow the quality of the community. Say hi to new people, and set the tone for what they can expect in Beasts. Make them feel welcome.

Please note – Do not bring the Beasts community into disrepute. While you are wearing the team logo, registered with the team at an event or simply representing the team in the OCR world, we expect kind and courteous behavior on and off the course. This includes, leaving the course the way you found it. If you can carry supplies and nutrition into the course, you most certainly can carry it out!

Also – Don’t be a bully. Personal attacks have no place within our community (or everyday life, but what you post elsewhere is your business).

We have taken great care to build our reputation and we are prepared to remove anyone from our online communities who are damaging that reputation. We do not take this lightly, and you will receive warnings prior.


We are a friendly community and make friends easily. In our short time we have seen many friendships and relationships form that have changed the lives of our members in ways no OCR community could have expected when they formed.

Face to face – The best way to meet people is to come to races, training sessions or socials through the year. Find someone in a Beasts shirt and say hi. Introduce yourself. Make the first move. From then, you’ll be welcomed in, introduced to more names than you can remember, and helped anywhere at any time.

Online – Online is a tricky way to meet people. Tone and inflection in conversation doesn’t exist, and it’s easy to be over-enthusiastic in your posts. Follow our etiquette guide and you should be golden. Remember, you’re in a huge community – introduce yourself, get to know the characters, meet some people at an event and start the conversation.

Business Owners and Fundraising requests

Do you own an OCR, or represent one professionally? Do you own or represent a fitness, training or similar facility? Are you raising money or attention for a charity, or personal cause?

We do not tolerate spam, link baiting or member poaching.

If you have a link, or a code you feel is relevant to the Beasts – message an admin. If you have a team you want us to join – we already have one. We’d like it if you joined *us*. If you have a page you want us to like, provide great content that’s relevant to the Beasts. Field team, street team and other promotional marketing is not permitted. Please don’t post fundraising requests – everyone has a cause, please keep it to your personal profiles, or message an admin.

If you want us to like and promote your brand, product, facility or race then be active in the community. Race with us. Train with us. Talk to us. Build a relationship with us founded on more than just your ability to make money from our community.

We love local OCR – we love when they participate in the community even more.

Huge Thank You to the New England Spahtans and Paul Jones for their Support of the OCR Community and Letting us Use Content from Their Member Resources.

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  • October 27, 2016 at 7:11 pm

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I love the community etiquette!!! The group is awesome.


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