Episode 163 #raceLOCAL Sagitta Series with Kyoul Cha

Today on BeastNet Pretty Mike talks with Kyoul Cha, former Hotshot Firefighter, Spartan Kryptia, current CEO 3 Elements, and Co-Owner of Firefighter Fit.  Kyoul and Mike go over what Sagitta is, where it came from, and what 2020 plans lay ahead.  They talk about the difference between racing local and under a national brand.  Kyoul talks about how the event is set up and what portions are specifically ties to Sagitta.… Read the rest

Episode 162 #raceLOCAL with Allison Tai and Grit Farm Fitness

Today Pretty Mike Hosts Charity Fick and Allison Tai discussing all sorts of things.  They talk about their background, what got Allison into OCR, and where Grit Farm came from.  Allison and Charity talk about Allison’s move from Vancouver and the hunt for a Farm she could live and run at.  They talk about BeastNet International’s partner Grit Farm Fitness’ 2020 Race series and Allison Tai Coaching and OCR Certification Course.… Read the rest

Episode 161 Rebecca Hammond

On today’s episode Brother Boggs talks with Spartan Pro Athlete Rebecca Hammond.  Rebecca just launched www.RebeccaMingHammond.com her performance consulting business.  Boggs and Rebecca talk about what to expect when using her service and why she decided to start it.  They venture off course at times talking about things like why the Dunk wall is Pretty Mike’s bane and how Facebook hides your shares.… Read the rest

BeastNet Canada Episode 1

Today we launch our new monthly special BeastNet International Canadian edition with hosts Charity and Ryan Fick.  This episode they have Spartan’s winningest female athlete of the decade Faye Stenning and Canadian Olympian Jessica O’Connell.  Faye and Jessica started personalized online fitness programs created by Faye and Jessica under the name Grit Coaching and came on the show to talk about it.… Read the rest

Episode 160 Victor Carillo, Machete Labs, and Machete Madness

On this episode of BeastNet Brother Boggs Talks with Victor Carillo of Machete Labs and Machete Madness.  This is another episode focused on #raceLOCAL and #runLOCAL where we talk with Race directors from smaller independent races.  You can join the Supporting Local Races 2020 here.

Victor and Boggs talk about what got Victor into racing, where his passion for training and coaching others comes from, and what keeps him committed to getting people off the couch.… Read the rest

Episode 159 Swanson Grit

Today Pretty Mike and Ryan Fick talk with Ryan Koch from Swanson Grit.  They discuss Ryan’s background in OCR including Spartan Canada before it went back to Spartan North America and his involvement there.  They talk about what Swanson Grit is and their upcoming Sagitta series qualifier event on 2/29/20.  The events at Swanson Grit are all a part of the Beasts #raceLocal #runLocal and Beasts for a cause events that you can join here: https://beastschallenge.com/events … Read the rest

Episode 158 Dustin Johnson’s World Record Run Update, with Dustin Johnson

First and foremost today, Like, Post, and Share this episode.  We want to flood Facebook with Dustin’s mission to stop Soldier Suicide.

Today on BeastNet Brother Boggs catches up with Dustin Johnson on Dustin Johnson’s World Record run.  They talk about him time serving on Aircraft carriers, his transition to life after the military, and what life changing event that led put him on his mission to Stop Soldier Suicide and ultimately run around the world to raise awareness for his cause.… Read the rest

Episode 157 Audra Coggin Beasts OCR Ambassador

On today’s episode Pretty Mike talks with recently named Beasts OCR Ambassador Audra Coggin.  Audra is one of the OG Beasts and talk about things starting with the beginning in 2014, Mike joining at the 2015 Spartan Founders Race in Montana, and her taking 2019 off from OCR.  Audra talks about her upcoming 2020 race season and Pretty Mike tries to convince her to run https://www.tunnelmarathon.com/… Read the rest