EP 138 Bonnie Wilson

Today Pretty Mike talks with Bonnie Wilson from Mud Run Guide. They talk about what got her into OCR and what got her started into Social media at Mud Run Guide. Bonnie and Mike talk about her other endeavors which include Seattle Marathon ambassador and her love for the OCR Community. Bonnie also tells a great story on why you need to get out and do a Rugged Maniac.

#137 Miles Keller

Today Pretty Mike talks with Miles Keller.  Miles is an OCR fanatic who also Co-hosts a podcast "Link Endurance" with Coach "Mo" Brossette and is an SGX (Spartan Group Exercise) Coach.  They talk all aspects of OCR.  Touching base on Savage Race, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder (and it's return to Dallas for the Toughest) and more.  Lot's of fun discussion with Miles "The Motivator" Keller in this episode.  Be sure to listen to the end.

Episode 134 Janell and the Lightning Module

Today Pretty Mike talks with Janell Endo about the recent Firefighter Fit Lightning module. How the event went, how the cadre Kyoul Cha was and how he differs from others that punish you just to punish you. Mike and Janell talk about why you should do another event with Kyoul when he comes back. They also talk about Beast Breaker 2019, what it is, how previous years were, and how anyone can do it. Mike talks about his new gym, NW Fit Co, and his goals for the 2019 Seattle Marathon. Janell and Mike talk about other future events and recap parts of the GoRuck Star Course.

Episode 132 Ashley Snitzer

This week Hammer talks with Asley Snitzer, fresh off the mountains of Tahoe. They discuss what got her into OCR, her race at Tahoe, and Tough Mudder. Ashley talks about her major body transformation of over 250# on her 5'3" frame to her current race conditioning. They also have a long talk about gear and her love of Human Octane apparel, VJ Shoes, and why you should wear them.

Episode 131 Beast Mel

Today Hammer talks with Melissa Joyal from Canada. They discuss what got her into OCR including the accident that almost kept her from ever running in her adult life. Mel asks questions of Kyle on where he find his grit when the going gets tough and talks about her toolbox that she draws from on races. They talk about Rugged manic, Beasts OCR, also running in a group versus alone. This is a longer episode, but listen to the end as they top it off today's episode with a descriptive review of the Tahoe WC Spartan race.