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Awesome news, I am pleased to share that our friends over at MudRunFun.com recently took poll to determine the biggest OCR team in the USA and ended up creating a fantastic map of the OCR community revealing the dominance of the Beasts OCR of the PNW.

It always amazes me how many teams there are, and how generally friendly our sport is or maybe its a Beast PNW thing to high five and hug under barb wire. Regardless, our sport has grown rapidly ad it approaches it’s six year of maturity.

Proudly founded in the PNW and serving WA, OR, ID, MT, and BC Canada. We may now have to battle it out with our friends from Wyoming Spartans for Wyoming.

Personally, I’d love to see polls like this from great community leaders like MudRunFun yearly, to track the ebb and flow of our community teams. How about it MudRunFun?

See our beautiful name below.


Looking back into 2015, the Beasts OCR nearly claimed the largest team title at the Washougal Spartan Sprint as well taking the crown of largest team at the Spartan Seattle Super. Incredibly too, we grew from a few dozen members at the beginning of 2015 to over 600 Beasts before the years old. Massive accomplishments for a team that was founded in November of 2014.

What does this mean? It means join us, we are the largest, fastest growing OCR team in the PNW. It means we are driving demand of more unique races to our are (Hey Spartan, give us Beasts another Beast!), and forging relationships nationally as we do what we always set out to in the beginning, run more obstacle course races, train together and have fun!

Keep yours eyes out Beasts, our winter and spring calendar of events are unfolding. 2016 is looking to be a very special year for the Beasts OCR and the OCR community. Keep Muddy, Beasts.

-@AJBirgenheier #HowDeep?

Read the full article here and a huge thank you to MudRunFun for providing great content.

About MudRunFun.com 

‘It all started in Florida in June of 2011. It was hot, damn hot! We had just finished a street 5k when the heavens rained down a flyer. It was a flyer for a Central Florida mud run event. We attended the event and had a blast! It started a physical addiction. Nothing compares to the screaming of your heart and lungs as your body yearns for blood, oxygen, and beer! Soon after, we couch potatoes decided to pause Criminal Minds and started looking for any local trails that we could run and train on. As we shared our experiences with others and attended more events Team MudRunFun became larger. Since then we have almost accomplished World Domination! (Okay, maybe not). It is our goal to provide you all the information you are looking for while hunting for what event you will do next!’ Source

About Beasts OCR

Beasts Obstacle Course Racers (Beasts OCR) is a group for people who love obstacle course racing in the North West. Beasts OCR started one night when 12 people who met online got together because they were always looking for people to run obstacle course races with and train with. This group will be looks for OCRs and other races in the North West as well as sets up meeting times for OCR training and runs. We are all about supporting each other and creating the largest regional team in the North West with a focus on OR, WA, ID, MT, and BC Canada! Shout out to Wyoming for the love! Read the Beasts OCR Manifesto and see if you have what it takes.
Beasts OCR Dominates the PNW
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