Issue 11
October 2018

By Kim Collings


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2. Nutrition

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1. Beast Profiles

Articles and interviews dedicated to reporting on the amazing people and stories of Your Beast Team!

Meet one of our awesome Beasts OCR Ambassadors………Jessica Martin!


What was your first OCR race and what made you decide to try it?

My very 1st OCR was in 2015 at the Warrior Dash in Seattle. This was after a year into my rediscovery of fitness and beginning of my life style change. When I was asked to do this by my friend Jeremy who was also a coach at the gym I went to, at first I thought this was a dumb thing to do. But after talking with him about his own fitness journey and why he loved OCR, and how he knew I needed more of a challenge in my own life, I could feel his passion and excitement, which of course may me decide to give it a shot. It was the best decision I had made in a long time. Even thought the Warrior dash wasn’t the most physically challenging, it was the atmosphere that hooked me into wanting to do more. To see people of all different backgrounds all together in one place, all looking to do something out of their comfort zone, and having a blast doing so was such an amazing site to see.

How has OCR helped you overcome challenges?

A lot of times people will tell you their challenges are more physical than anything else to overcome, but for me, it’s the mental aspect. I can endure the physical part of things very well, and have always loved to be push, it’s the mental part that always gives first.

For me OCR has helped me overcome the part that gives up first, the part that tells you that you cannot, the part that plays games with you, the mental part of life. Running these races has taught me a lot about my inner strength, its taught me that when you feel at your worst, when you want to give up, when you simply cannot go any further, that you must believe in the possibilities, you must visualize yourself doing it, feel it, and become it in that moment. Ultimately you must Conquer your obstacles, and for me that’s the mental grit. It has taught me to believe in myself when no one else has, that I control my outcome, and that if I want it bad enough, I will achieve it.

What do you love most about the OCR Community?

I love the community because its really about the community, and not a select few, or the elite status. Never in my life have I been surrounded by so many people coming from all different places in their own life. This is the one place you will find everyone, we are and amazing mixing pot of possibilities, no one is left out, and everyone is encouraged by complete strangers. You aren’t judged by your financial status, the color of your skin, your physical limitations, or how you look, but instead are looked at as someone who will in someway inspire someone else to go further. We all come from different backgrounds, different life stories, and yet at an OCR we are all the same for that brief but glorious time. We are all there for one thing, to be apart of something bigger than ourselves, to be inspired, and encouraged to go further than we thought, and to feel accepted and loved, and part of the tribe.

Who inspires you?

I have many people that I look up to all for different reasons, Arnold Schwarzenegger because he is my iconic bodybuilding hero who lived by an amazing set of rules and self-discipline and conquer many things in his way, and always stayed true to his beliefs and his direction. My family for always being themselves and always looking for the good in everyone around them, and never doubting their own decisions on where they want life to take them. And my friends for always being there for each other no matter where life takes us all.

But I can say without a doubt that I would not be where I am today if it was not for my clients. They are the reason I get up at 330 in the morning, they are the reason I push my physical limitations, and they are the reason I smile each and every day. To be apart of their journey, and for them to put 100% of their trust in me as their coach is an honor. I want them to succeed more than myself, and I take joy in the smallest accomplishments they achieve every week. They are forever growing into the people they have always envisioned themselves as, which makes grow into the person I want to be even more. They inspire.

What is your favorite OCR memory?

This is a tough one, I like all my memories. I guess the one that sticks out the most to me, where I felt so happy, and relieved was from this year in April in Seattle. I had embarked on a new journey, and was talked into getting way out of my comfort zone and signing up for a Spartan Quad-shot as we called it. I signed up for the HH12, Super, HH and the Sprint, all to be done in a row.

After getting a DNQ on a time hack only 3 hours away from completing my first HH12, i only had 5 hours to be ready for the Super at 9am. This weekend was particularly cold, and wet. The lack of adequate hydration and food really took its toll on my body and mind, but when you haven’t slept in over 36 hours, you forget the small things like drinking more water, and eating more food. I started off on the Super with some of my friends and clients, and 2 of my HH12 buddies who also DNQ from the HH12 (Adam & Ron) and one Beast named Eric. We decided to be the 3 amigos and finish the super together no matter what.

I told my friends and clients to go on without us, and that I would be just fine. It was the longest Super ever in my life, or at least that’s what my mind told me. At first it was Adam and Ron keeping our mental status up, their encouraging words kept me going. The cold wet and windy environment started to take its toll on all of us. Obstacles that normally were easily done, were replaced by very slow burpees, and let me tell you what, 30 cold burpees felt like 300. I have never failed so many obstacles in one shot. I couldn’t stop shaking, and a few times was huddled into a penguin circle by complete strangers because they could see I was shaking so hard.

As we got to what I believe was mile 6 of the 10 .. my HH12 amigos where starting to feel the effects as well, including our beast friend Eric who was suffering from an intense leg pain. This is when I found the mental energy to keep saying positive things to keep us moving forward, just like they did for me. Those last few miles felt like forever, but when we finally came down that last hill, and saw the most amazing site ever (the fire) all that self-doubt, fear, and cold went away for a brief moment. That fire jump with Adam, Ron, and Eric was the most amazing and life changing moment at any of the OCR’s.

Never have I felt such compassion, such trust, and comradery as I did at that exact moment we all mustard up that last bit of energy and jumped over the fire that we had built with our own hands during the HH12 with a smile on our faces. Forever will that moment be prevalent in my life. It showed me that you can overcome anything in front of you, as long as you believe you can, and trust and allow those around you to help you when its needed. And that asking for help, or guidance is never wrong.

You are competing in a physique competition. Please tell us about it, what it takes to prepare, and anything else you would like to share.

  • Time
  • Workout Physical Demands
  • Mental Push
  • 100% Food commitment
  • Practicing posing for hours everyday
  • Sleep (even if that means napping in your car in between classes)
  • Giving up extra activities you may enjoy (hiking, running races, hanging with friends) to save energy.
  • Emotional demands as your weight drops and energy levels drop too
  • Forever peeing due to high amounts of water
  • Giving up caffeine and alcohol
  • Hormones!

I am making my first debut at the Ironman competition on October 6th in Bothell Washington. I will be competing in woman’s over 35 physique, woman’s physique open, woman’s master’s figure, and woman’s figure open.

This decision to embark on this journey was not an easy one to make. I hate high heels which I have to wear in the figure portion, and I hate bikinis which if you’ve ever seen a competition, there really is no room for imagination. I also hate being on stage, I never have liked being center stage so to speak, but Fear in a product of our own imagination, and these fears are created out of doubt, and I cannot allow fear to rule my life.

There are two reason I decided to do this, first and foremost, I want to show woman in their late 30’s-50’s and moms all around that you can physically be how you envision if you’re willing to do the work. That you can feel sexy, powerful and inspiring to others if you’re willing to put the time and energy into yourself, and not cut corners. I want woman to feel beautiful in their own skin, and that means different things for different people. I want woman to be inspired by someone real, and not what they see in magazines that have been altered by computers and contoured with makeup to look thinner or more beautiful to societies standards.

Secondly, I am a firm believer as a coach that If I’m going to train someone to do something, I must understand first what they will go through, and I cannot train someone to compete properly if I don’t wear the shoes first.

Preparation is intense. I am very grateful that I work with two amazing coaches and friends, who are also the owners of the gym I work out of. Kyle (my trainer and food guru) and Dani (my amazing posing coach) with KO Fitness training grounds are two amazing people, and without them, I would not feel so confident in going on stage.

The workouts are forever changing based off of what I need my muscles to do. The diet is strict and has purpose behind every macro that goes into my body. The first 4 months were a breeze, workouts were heavier lifting which is my favorite, and my calories were at 3,200 a day .. but as time has dwindled down and I get closer to D-Day the workouts have become more tedious, and times consuming, and the calories are forever dropping. Sleep is super important right now in this phase, but with a business to run, kids to drive around .. it takes a toll. Napping in my car has become a big thing for me.

There is a lot of things that go into this prep, easier explained in person without going on an on. But the short version .. you must be willing to be consistent an trust the process, work out hard and train with purpose, you must be willing to become obsessed with your routine, and mandatory poses, you must not cheat on your diet, you must be willing to sacrifice other social aspects of your life, and you must want to win.

Tell us something about yourself that few people know, whether OCR related or not.

My ultimate goal with my business is to be able to create a space for people who want to become better at OCR. I want an indoor/outdoor business, that has every fun gadget you can climb, carry, roll, jump over and push yourself to the limits.

What are your goals for 2018?

To win the Open Sword in either (if not both) Physique or Figure!


2. Beast Nutrition

Sweet Potato Fun Facts

1. Sweet potatoes and yams are not the same thing!

They’re botanically two different vegetables, even though the supermarket may use them interchangeably.

2. Sweet potatoes make great kitchen décor on your counter.

No need to put sweet potatoes in your refrigerator! Madison advises you store them in a basket until ready to eat. Then you can “scrub them just before cooking and be sure to enjoy the skins.”

3. Sweet potato smoothies may be the perfect, energizing afternoon snack.

Add a healthy fat (I use almond butter, but avocado will also work), your favorite milk, ginger, and cinnamon to 1 cup of cubed sweet potatoes and 2 to 3 carrots. Blend. Add some of your favorite warming spices like nutmeg or allspice. Blend in some dates if you want more sweetness.

4. They deliver so much more than beta-carotene.

These orange-fleshed potatoes are known to be a great source of beta-carotene. But they also deliver good sources of vitamin A, a good source of vitamin C, and are full of manganese, calcium, potassium, iron, vitamin B6 and fiber.

Sounds good? It gets better: the sweet potato has a lower glycemic index than the potato.

5. They made the A-List.

Sweet Potatoes made the Clean 15, which means your potential exposure to toxins is lower than with other conventionally grown produce.

6. The jewel yam sweet potato is by far the most popular variety.

While the jewel represents more than 75% of the commercially grown options, there are other sweet potato options out there, including Garnet (also not a yam), Diana, and Beauregard. Some popular firm sweet potato varieties include Kotobuki, Hannah, Okinawan, Yellow Jersey, and Boniato. Madison writes that Kotobuki tastes more “like chestnuts than candy” (sign me up!) and Boniato is “the least sweet of the sweet potatoes.”

7. You can eat the whole plant.

Just as you’d never throw away a lemon without using the zest, you can also enjoy more than just the tubers. You can eat the leaves, shoots and stems, which are similar to Malabar spinach, very nutritious.

8. Sweet potatoes play well with others.

They pair well with your existing pantry staples, from sesame oil, ginger, cardamom, chile, coconut milk, cilantro, coriander, allspice, cinnamon, sesame seeds, lime, oranges, tangerines, maple syrup, smoked salt, white miso, rosemary, and thyme.



Sweet Potato Carrot Juice

1 large sweet potato
6-10 carrots depending on size
Cinnamon (optional)

If you have a juicer this is really delicious and packed full of nutrients. The sweet potatoes don’t provide a lot of juice so I start with them first and then juice the carrots after. This pushes all of the sweet potato juice through the juicer. I love to sprinkle a little cinnamon on top for a wonderful fall treat. Enjoy!


Photo Credit: Jessica Martin, Spartan Race,


3. Joe’s Corner

Check back next month for Joe’s Corner




4. Looking Ahead




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