Here is your Fifth weekly BeastDays Challenge! Every Wednesday a new virtual BeastWOD drops!

Step 1: Weekly Movement

A 5K completed however you want. ie, running, hiking, rucking, etc OR 25 minutes of locomotive movement. ie High Knees, running in place, treadmill work, etc. Have fun and do complete this distance or time however you want!

Step 2: Special WOD from Virginia Nickelson!

For this week, after you complete your weekly movement, she has us focusing for getting ready for the annual Murph at the end of May.

Virginia’s Murph Prep
3 Rounds, 20 reps each
-20x Overhead press
-20x Pushups
-20x Squat
Overhead Press- use a small weight, sandbag, ruck/backpack what ever you have around. This is a strict press overhead
Pushup- normal version- standard pushup, advanced hand release, scaled on knees
Squats- normal version- body plus one weight (ruck, sandbag, dumbell ect), advanced add two weights sandbag and ruck combined, scaled body weight

Here is Virginia’s breakdown video of what to do:

Here is Virginia going through a round of reps:

Scale or modify as needed, and have fun! Get this week’s challenge done and share with #BeastDays #BeastsOCR #UnleashYourBeast. We might just ask to feature you and or get you some of our sweet new stickers. Oh yeah!

BeastDays #5 Coach: Virginia Nickelson!!! 

“Mom of 3 currently training for team assessment and the new GORUCK HTL. Started OCR 4 years ago with a Super and HH back to back. 6 months later I fractured my ankle and spent a year working to come back. Since that time I have gone on to complete multiple trifectas, and 2 Spartan Ultras along with 2 GORUCK HTLs. What excites me right now is getting more people into the GORUCK endurance side of things. Its a very different world than Spartan and OCRs but just as amazing.’

Thank you so much Virginia!!!! For more inspiration and awesomeness, follow Virginia via @spartanrucker

Interested in helping create these and or being a host/coach? Fill out the application here:

Weekly BeastDays Challenges Week 5
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